About us

We have been in the garment industry for over 25 years, manufacturing, providing designs and garments to most the UK high street.

We were born in the UK, but have always travelled to Vietnam since we were young whenever we had school holidays, with our parents hoping for us to grow to love the culture and country. This helped us understand the country year by year, but always visiting retail stores and wondering how the middle- class women afford the clothing? Therefore we have come up with a range we think is good value for money, whilst sustaining our quality alike our parent company.

We have in-house designers in the UK of which whom are constantly doing their market research, looking at trends and travelling to Europe and Korea for inspiration. Our parent company owns all our factories of which we will utilise one to start with. Our competitive edge is very strong due to our ready available fabrics and trimmings from our parent company. With our timely deliveries, quality garments and policy of continuous development/ training of all our staff, we aim for customers satisfaction at all times.

We have expert knowledge in this industry, with expert knowledge in Europe, UK, Australia, South East Asia and American market. Some of which come to us for ideas and design, or some approach us for manufacturing. Without being said, we have first-hand knowledge of what will be in the high street and can work up to a year ahead.